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Uses and maintenance of dental burs: a reminder from Axis Dental


It happens to both children and adults. We return to work after the summer break, and it seems that we still need to remember everything!


It is also understandable that with the speed and dynamics of work, dental professionals delve into caring for their patients with hardly any space in which to review certain things.

Our job at Axis Dental is, in addition to providing them with quality and effective instruments, to be able to support them in the knowledge of uses of our products to guarantee the best results, as well as the durability of each tool.

Therefore, as a review on your Back to School, we remember some Rules for Use and Maintenance of our Dental Burs. Here we go

  1. Ensure sufficient cooling using a water spray to prevent deterioration of the tooth and its surroundings. The spray must be distributed over the entire active length of the instrument. A deviation of the jet may cause thermal injuries. Additional cooling is necessary for instruments with a length greater than 19 mm or with a diameter of the active part greater than 2 mm.
  2. Discard and replace. Immediately remove broken instruments as well as bent and defective instruments to avoid misuse.
  3. Do not force. During work, avoid prying and tilting the instrument and turning it on the edge.
  4. Adequate speed. You must absolutely respect the recommended rotation speeds indicated on the packaging.
  5. Dental burs occupy an important place in the basic instruments of Dentistry. Your correct choice and adaptation to the rotary instrument will determine its long-term efficiency.
  6. Very often these instruments are chosen empirically. The study of the different substances and materials on which we work and the results of different clinical studies allow us to choose the burs that best adapt.

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