Axis Dental presents a new PURE Pen Kit

Axis Dental, a Swiss dental instrument manufacturer since 1998, launches its new PURE Pen 16% at-home teeth whitening kit this month. Our dentists can already experience a more efficient and comfortable teeth whitening experience, thanks to the innovative improvements implemented.

New LED lamp

The great novelty of this launch is the redesign of the LED light support with a soft splint created to favor a better application of the product. With the new PURE lamp it is possible to whiten more teeth, reaching the premolars comfortably and safely. See how it works here:

The new PURE Kit has 16 lights perfectly distributed to ensure its effectiveness.

It has a security system that automatically deactivates the light after 25 minutes, thus protecting the patient from improper use.

PURE, the best ally to achieve a radiant smile, allows to lighten the color of the teeth, eliminating stains caused by the consumption of substances such as tea, coffee, red wine, tobacco, fruit juice, among others, as well as trauma or old restorations. This innovative treatment restores the natural whiteness of the teeth, offering visible results from the first application.

More comfortable and sustainable

But that’s not all, the new device has been updated to adapt to modern needs: it can now be connected to the mains via a cable, to a mobile phone or other electronic devices, guaranteeing a more sustainable experience.

To obtain more information about the PURE teeth whitening treatment at home and to find out the benefits it offers, consult your local sales representative or contact us. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover the latest innovation in teeth whitening and achieve a more radiant smile than ever.*

To find out your local sales representative, visit our website and consult the contact area. Simply click on your community on the map and the contact details will appear. And if you are already clear about what you need, visit our store and streamline the ordering process with just a few clicks!!




*our teeth whitening treatments are only sold to dentists.