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Our ultrasound scalers have either short shapes to maximise power or long and curved shapes to access any part of the tooth. They are made also with either flat ends to increase the power of waves or thin ends to reach narrow places.

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We have at your disposal the best-known connections on the market: EMS, KAVO, NSK, SATELEC and SIRONA.


With our focus on the needs of the dental professionals, we seek to constantly improve our products and services to ensure our clients satisfaction through their great performance.

Why work withultrasound scalers?

They work faster than other instruments.
They access easily to deep areas in the tooth.
Easy to clean by cooling them down with water, which allows to evacuate the bacteria.
Their dental surface remains smoother with time.
They allow quick interventions, being less tiring for the professional and reducing the stress of patients

Usually it is necessary to work with an angle of between 10º and 30º. To remove stains or marks, the angle must be at 90º.

Cooling them down with water is essential to be able to evacuate all bacteria.

A wear of 1 mm of the tip leads to a loss of 25% of the effectiveness of the instrument and a wear of 2 mm in 50% at the time of change.

Our wear guide allows you to clearly gauge when the tip needs to be changed.


Implant cleaning


The application and intervention of ultrasonic scalers in the field of prophylaxis ensures a faster task, allows reaching places that are difficult to access in a very simple way, and the dental surface will remain smoother.

Due to the significant number of implants in patients’ mouths, the professional is forced to be aware of the growth of bacteria in these places.

A population increasingly affected by periodontitis and gingivitis gives professionals the responsibility to clean hard-to-reach places with reduced visibility.


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