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Only 4 references, 2 lengths and diameters,
solving 95% of situations.

An innovative
solution in the industry

The minimalistic design of our radicular posts reinforces the instrument´s

resistance during reconstruction procedures.

Long life

The excellent distribution of forces through our radicular posts are the key for the durability of the reconstructed tooth.


With our focus on the needs of the dental professionals, we seek to constantly improve our products and services to ensure our clients satisfaction through their great performance.

comfortable and long lasting

Dentists and specialists in the industry from all over the world who have used our radicular posts see the effective performance of these instruments thanks to its multiple applications.

It is not, since we have verified that with 2 lengths and 2 diameters we solve 95% of the situations.

A ferrule effect favors the strength of the reconstruction.

Since the radicular posts are placed inside the tooth where the dentin (a tissue 14 times softer than enamel) is found, if we want to copy the natural behavior of the tooth we will need elasticity.


Our experience in the dental sector is the guarantee that supports each of our products. Made in Switzerland. Made in Switzerland.


Precision, quality and service are the values ​​that make us evolve.

Radicular posts

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