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Uses and maintenance of dental burs: a reminder from Axis Dental


It happens to both children and adults. We return to work after the summer break, and it seems that we still need to remember everything!


It is also understandable that with the speed and dynamics of work, dental professionals delve into caring for their patients with hardly any space in which to review certain things.

Our job at Axis Dental is, in addition to providing them with quality and effective instruments, to be able to support them in the knowledge of uses of our products to guarantee the best results, as well as the durability of each tool.

Therefore, as a review on your Back to School, we remember some Rules for Use and Maintenance of our Dental Burs. Here we go

  1. Ensure sufficient cooling using a water spray to prevent deterioration of the tooth and its surroundings. The spray must be distributed over the entire active length of the instrument. A deviation of the jet may cause thermal injuries. Additional cooling is necessary for instruments with a length greater than 19 mm or with a diameter of the active part greater than 2 mm.
  2. Discard and replace. Immediately remove broken instruments as well as bent and defective instruments to avoid misuse.
  3. Do not force. During work, avoid prying and tilting the instrument and turning it on the edge.
  4. Adequate speed. You must absolutely respect the recommended rotation speeds indicated on the packaging.
  5. Dental burs occupy an important place in the basic instruments of Dentistry. Your correct choice and adaptation to the rotary instrument will determine its long-term efficiency.
  6. Very often these instruments are chosen empirically. The study of the different substances and materials on which we work and the results of different clinical studies allow us to choose the burs that best adapt.

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Axis Dental presents a new PURE Pen Kit

Axis Dental, a Swiss dental instrument manufacturer since 1998, launches its new PURE Pen 16% at-home teeth whitening kit this month. Our dentists can already experience a more efficient and comfortable teeth whitening experience, thanks to the innovative improvements implemented.

New LED lamp

The great novelty of this launch is the redesign of the LED light support with a soft splint created to favor a better application of the product. With the new PURE lamp it is possible to whiten more teeth, reaching the premolars comfortably and safely. See how it works here:

The new PURE Kit has 16 lights perfectly distributed to ensure its effectiveness.

It has a security system that automatically deactivates the light after 25 minutes, thus protecting the patient from improper use.

PURE, the best ally to achieve a radiant smile, allows to lighten the color of the teeth, eliminating stains caused by the consumption of substances such as tea, coffee, red wine, tobacco, fruit juice, among others, as well as trauma or old restorations. This innovative treatment restores the natural whiteness of the teeth, offering visible results from the first application.

More comfortable and sustainable

But that’s not all, the new device has been updated to adapt to modern needs: it can now be connected to the mains via a cable, to a mobile phone or other electronic devices, guaranteeing a more sustainable experience.

To obtain more information about the PURE teeth whitening treatment at home and to find out the benefits it offers, consult your local sales representative or contact us. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover the latest innovation in teeth whitening and achieve a more radiant smile than ever.*

To find out your local sales representative, visit our website and consult the contact area. Simply click on your community on the map and the contact details will appear. And if you are already clear about what you need, visit our store and streamline the ordering process with just a few clicks!!




*our teeth whitening treatments are only sold to dentists.

Axis Dental presents its latest innovations at the Bulmedica fair in Bulgaria

This month we participated in the prestigious Bulmedica fair, held in Sofia, in the Bulgarian capital. The event was attended by our delegates in Switzerland as well as Axis Dental representatives in Bulgaria, where the company has an established headquarters. The Bulmedica fair brought together leading international companies related to the medical equipment, pharmacy, health, medicine and optics sectors.

Bulmedica is an annual meeting that has become a benchmark in the field of health. During several days, attendees had the opportunity to learn about the latest trends and news in the field of dentistry and medicine in general. In addition, the fair provided a favorable space to establish business contacts, exchange knowledge and encourage collaboration between professionals in the sector.

In this edition, we were able to present our innovations in dental instrumentation. At our spacious stand, we hosted numerous professionals who were interested in learning more about our wide range of products and advanced technologies that seek to improve the quality and efficiency of dental treatments.

This year, Axis Dentalcelebrates its 25th anniversary, and this participation in the Bulmedica fair is a testimony of its consolidation as one of the leading companies in the dental sector at an international level. Headquartered in Switzerland, with a delegation in Bulgaria and a presence in various countries, the company has managed to establish strategic alliances and a solid distribution network that allows it to reach dental professionals around the world. Their commitment to quality, innovation and customer service has been fundamental to their success over these 25 years.

The presence of Axis Dental at the Bulmedica fair not only strengthens our position in the Bulgarian market, but also reaffirms its relevance on a global level. Delegates from Switzerland, as well as visitors from other countries, had the opportunity to see first-hand the cutting-edge dental solutions that Axis Dental offers, consolidating its reputation as a benchmark in the industry.

With its ongoing commitment to excellence and cutting edge, Axis Dental continues to be a company at the forefront of dentistry and a benchmark for professionals around the world.

To find out your local sales representative, visit our website and consult the contact area. Simply click on your community on the map and the contact details will appear. And if you are already clear about what you need, visit our store and streamline the ordering process with just a few clicks!!





Axis Dental participated as an exhibitor at the biennial international dental fair IDEM, held in Singapore between October 7th and 9th

As part of a conglomerate of Swiss companies in the sector, and with our founding partners Jean-Paul Berclaz and Dominique Rahm  leading our stand, we have had the opportunity to present our products to professionals and distributors in the dental industry all over the world.

The Swiss pavilion turned out to be a space of great impact in which different Swiss companies coexist with the aim of common support, and at the same time, respecting the individual space of each one to allow us to talk and show our work abroad.

With an excellent organization by IDEM, we were able to create a relaxed place in which to open new business horizons worldwide, maintaining the pride of the origin of our manufacturing headquarters in Switzerland. In addition, we have the support and visit of the Swiss ambassador in Singapore, Frank Grütter, who welcomed us into his home along with the rest of the companies in the Swiss pavilion, for a lovely evening with his family.

IDEM‘s organization was excellent, taking care of all the details so that the participating companies could feel comfortable and not worry about anything that could take time away from our work.

IDEM  is the biennial three-day trade show and convention for the dental industry, co-organized by Koelnmesse and the Singapore Dental Association (SDA), which in this 2022 edition welcomed a total of 6,530 attendees out of a record number of 67 countries attending the in-person event, exceeding expected numbers by 30%. It had a total of 46 scientific conference sessions and workshops, hosted 9 national pavilions and a total of 540 exhibiting brands from 37 countries, of which 90% were recurring exhibitors and 10% exhibited for the first time.

The event was very focused on Asia and has allowed us to get in touch with new distributors from Vietnam, Thailand, India, Indonesia and health professionals from the city of Singapore.

The future will tell us to what extent the impact of this event will be important for our business growth.