Tungsten Carbide Burs: comfortable, effective and innovative

The development of an innovative design to solve all the problems that existed with Tungsten Carbide has been one of the great successes of Axis Dental.

Thanks to the characteristics of the tungsten carbide selected by Axis Dental, the cutting effect of our burs is several times higher than a standard steel bur.

The active tip of these tungsten carbide burs solves 6 problems for the dentist:

  • Avoid shock at the time of contact with matter.
  • With our exclusive blade, the cutter enters the matter smoothly without resistance and/or impact.
  • Eliminates vibrations during work.
  • It is a comfortable and pleasant bur to work with where the professional has full control of the bur during the intervention.
  • It prevents the breaking of the active part of the milling cutter. It does not cause unnecessary misalignment of the turbine, preventing costly revisions.

Tungsten carbide burs are the best tool for working on soft materials, for different reasons:

  • They are most effective in these types of situations.
  • It manages to leave the surface that the professional needs, smooth or retentive, depending on the treatment.
  • They reduce the intervention time of the professional.
  • Metals require specific attention in order to avoid heating the intervention area and making the patient uncomfortable. Axis Dental’s tungsten carbide burs have superior quality and a special design
  • that ensure total success in this treatment.
  • Axis Dental always offers you the best choice of each bur for each type of activity.

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