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Axis Dental is a company specialized in the manufacture, marketing and distribution of dental burs, ultrasound scalers, radicular posts and teeth whitening solutions.

+ 25 years

of experience

Dedicated service

and training programs

Global network

for distribution and sales


Our dental instruments are developed and produced in Switzerland, ensuring the highest quality.


We have a wide range of solutions for use in both clinics and dental laboratories.


New generation of ultrasound tips. Aware of their specific work, we have chosen the best metal to carry them out.


The PURE teeth whitening treatment is safe and easy to apply, both in the clinic and at home.


Simple and time saving. With just 4 references available: 2 lengths and 2 diameters.

Since 1998

Axis Dental seeks excellence in the quality of its
products and services. The professionalism of the
Axis Dental team can meet the needs and
expectations ofour clients.

Our Philiosophy

Our philosophy relies on our precise manufacturing methods that allow the production of efficient instruments. The high quality and duration of our instruments helps reducing costs and investment for dentists in the long term.


Our goal is to gain the trust of dental professionals through the support of a team of trained professionals with a clear orientation towards the particular needs of each client.

Quality and Experience

Precision, quality and service are the values ​​that make us evolve.

After-sales service

Our extensive commercial network is always at your service to answer any questions.

International orders

We deliver our products anywhere in the world from our different hubs in Europe. Contact us for more information.


As manufacturers with 25 years of experience, we are constantly seeking innovation and improvement on our products.


Our clients say

More than 10,000 clients work with Axis dental for x factors, which makes a difference for them: our experience, exclusivity and proximity are the key to their success.


Axis Dental Instruments x factor

Axis Dental instruments x factor

Axis Dental Instruments x factor

We collaborate with industry leaders

We participate with highly recognized professionals from the dental sector during workshops on dental restoration and aesthetics. All workshops have have both  theoretical and practical focus that allows us to obtain the maximum performance from our products.


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We can assist and deliver from and to various countries all over the world.


Ask us directly by phone, through our chat, email or social networks.


Visit our FAQs on our Contact page for important information about our products.


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