Ultrasound Scalers: Efficient, comfortable, long-lasting and compatible

New generation ultrasound scalers. Pertaining to the very specific work that these scalers need to perform, we have chosen the best metal to fabricate them.

Rigorous connection precision and scaler´s exact shape allows these instruments to perform the professional´s interventions with optimal efficiency. The sample offered is simple but adequate to have an ideal work dynamic.



The application and intervention of the ultrasound scalers in the prophylaxis area ensures faster work, allows more in-depth places to be accessed and in a simple manner, additionally the dental surface will be smoother than if done manually.


The significant amount of implants within the patient´s mouth requires that the professional must be very attentive of bacteria growth in these places.


A population that has increasingly become more and more affected by this disease forces professionals to clean hard to access places as well as low visibility areas.

Short shapes to provide maximum power or long shapes and curves to be able to access any place inside the mouth without forgetting flat extremities increasing the wave or fines power to reach those narrow places, each professional will find the solution to their problems.
You won´t miss anything, because we have at your disposition the most well-known connections in the market, meaning EMS, KAVO, NSK, SATELEC, and SIRONA in order not to make unnecessary investments. EMS, KAVO, NSK, SATELEC y SIRONA.
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