The power of smiling: the beneficial effects of smiling

The French physician Guillaume Duchenne de Boulogne described the smile, as early as the 19th century, as “The emotion of sincere joy is expressed on the face by a combined contraction of the zygomaticus major muscle and the orbiculari oculi. The first obeys the will, but the second is only activated by the sweet emotions of the soul. «

Duchenne insisted, in his statement, the close link between the physical and the emotional in the action of smiling; “False joy, deceptive laughter, cannot cause this last muscle to contract. (…) The muscle that surrounds the eyes does not obey the will; it is only brought into play by a true feeling, a pleasant emotion.

The mirror of the soul

The saying goes that «the face is the mirror of the soul», and following Duchenne’s observations, certainly our facial expressions are the exteriorization of our inner world. In this regard, smiling is one of the most obvious in its significance. The smile is the manifestation of joy, either caused by a spontaneous act or fact that the person experiences at that moment, or as a result of a longer-term emotional state.

According to the psychologist Patricia Ramírez @patri_psicologa, when someone smiles «our mind interprets that it is someone who is trying to make life easier for us, to be kind, fun, and at that moment, we relax and smile back.» Therefore, smiling helps our well-being, contributing to good mental health. At the same time, it has a contagious effect, if someone smiles we smile back, generating positive feelings and acceptance.

Other benefits of smiling are:

  • It helps us to keep the body healthy. Every time we smile, our breathing stays constant and our heart rate drops. This benefits the immune system, making it stronger to fight all kinds of diseases.
  • It improves your mood, since when you smile, serotonin is released, which is the hormone of happiness.
  • Improve social relationships in any context. Smiling is a reflection of a positive attitude that can lead to making new friends or helping to establish new work contacts.

For these reasons, in addition to many others, taking care of our smile should be a priority, as it has been proven to contribute to both mental and physical well-being.

Elevated self-esteem

Many people feel self-conscious about their smile, reaching to cover their mouth when smiling. A mouth with messy teeth or stained by tobacco or coffee consumption are usually the most common reasons that lead many people to a feeling of discontent, complex, and even shame, for their smile. Such inner emotions can lead to insecurities and psychological discomfort, even avoiding smiling in public.

Teeth whitening treatments can be the most immediate remedy to solve a large part of these complex cases, with the result of an improvement in the individual’s self-esteem as well as a bright smile.

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Our two treatment modalities, in the clinic and at home (prior to an appointment at your dental clinic), allow the patient to choose the option that best suits their rhythm and routines in order to complete the treatment and achieve the desired results.

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